Wednesday, March 21, 2012

photo via cohabitaire. see more here.

My alarm has been going off since six thirty. That was silly of me to set. I have had this terrible habit recently of staying up late and thinking that I could wake up five hours later ready to take on my day. I've had more caffeine in the last two days, then I've had in the last month. Crazy. I know.

It's ok.

Sometimes you just have to go watch your friend get a tattoo and celebrate with drinks.

But I'm on vacation. I'm on vacation with a messy room and an unpacked suitcase, but still. Six days.

Today, I will head to Savannah to visit the lovely Mrs. Degar. (Whoa. Sometimes I still have trouble remembering that Chickies is a Mrs. now.) And I will be joined by the always amazing Laura. I already know how awesome this is going to be.

I'll miss my town while I'm gone. I'll miss my people. I'll even miss my job. But it's going to be good to get away. I need to get away. I was starting to overload.

And when I come back, I'll start over fresh for spring. I think that will be a good idea.


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