Saturday, December 31, 2011

I like the end of the year. It's full of perspective from the last 365 days, but it's also full of hope for the next 365 days. You are always surprised by what you did and never quite sure of what will happen next. It's scary and beautiful at the same time.

So, this Top 5 "Friday" is dedicated to 2011 - thanks for the memories! And also to 2012 - I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve...

1. Are you making resolutions this year? Wonder how you're going to keep them? This post from A Beautiful Mess might be just what you need to read.

2. A wish for the New Year. I like that, too!

3. Have you ever picked a word/phrase for the year? It's a cool idea. I think this year I'll choose "Be Here Now" or "Simplify". But magic is really good word that worked for Elise Blaha this year.

4. I adore Olivia. I adore her travels. I adore her thoughtfulness and ability to find comfort all over the world even by herself. Her 2011 blog post is certainly inspiring.

5. I'm making this Hoppin' John recipe for good luck in 2012! If that's not your jam, then maybe these White Chocolate Peppermint Milkshakes will bring good luck to you!

6. I just love the idea of a Best of List.

And for good measure,

7. Hey lady - maybe your 2011 sent you spinning? It's ok. Maybe you're not crazy - read this post and be bold in 2012!

And when I get some more time, I'll tell you what I did in 2011 - I had a list, remember?! And I'll tell you about all of the awesome new things I discovered. And maybe I'll make a wish for 2012 while I am it.

And, if you have a chance, tell me all about yours! I'd love to hear it.


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