Saturday, December 10, 2011

Here I am again - one day late on the Top 5 Friday post. I should have named this post project something different like "Best Week Ever" or something equally as vague. Hindsight.

Ok, so Best Week Ever? Not so much. I hope yours was better than mine. Both my work and personal lives have been roller coasters over the last week and I've come to several conclusions about things and myself and other people. The difficult part is not caring and just accepting which I cannot do because that's just not who I am. This is going to be a long ride, folks.

Last night was a mostly pretty good wind down. I got to stay at home (yeah, on a Friday) and clean/decorate our little apartment. Did you know there is an instant Netflix called Fireplace for Your Home? Yeah. It's pretty fantastic.

My ramblings aside, it turns out the interwebs had a lot to say this past week, so I will share what struck my fancy.

1. I love list posts - clearly. I also love mugs & Anthropologie.. And I l.o.v.e this Naked palette. It was the best $50 I ever spent. And this journal is the jam. I want. So check out this post - it's a little like being in my head.

2. I had a friend who wrote a journal to her future husband. At the time, I thought it was sort of silly. Now, I think it's sort of perfect. I find them randomly posted by a brunette bombshell in Manhattan.

3. Bloggers are real people, too. And "Not every day has to be glitter & rainbows because in real actual life shit happens." That's so true. It's not always conveyed here, but it's so very true.

4. I discovered Home Fries from Joy the Baker & her podcast. From Home Fries, I discovered Tracy at Shutterbean and subsequently High Straightenence. THIS IS REAL LIFE. That's all.

5. A very merry Indie Christmas to you & yours. 

PS. I am currently OBSESSED with the Rise Against song Swing Life Away. Yes, I know I'm behind in the times. I can't hear you mocking me. Listen to the song here. And see the song as art here.


Charles Robinson said...

You forgot to mention amazing gas station Korean food. :-)

erin gail said...

i told people about that at work & they thought i was off my rocker!