Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i took a quiz in oprah magazine that said i was a super optimist, but i'm not sure that's always true...when i sat down to write this blog, the first things i thought about were all the things that i didn't do today or that went poorly. however, i'm trying to make good on oprah's diagnosis (well, make it consistent) so i decided that i would just list all the things i did do or liked about today. here goes...

i had blueberry muffins frosted mini wheats with almond milk for breakfast. delish. i went to the dentist for the first time in almost two years. my teeth are slick and shiny. i'm also pretty sure they're whiter. i got to wear my polka dotted rain boots. i used them to step in an ankle deep puddle - take that rain! i had delish lunch with the lovely alana nelson at yo burrito. salsa bar, please & thank you. i saw my old youth pastor! my hair stylist texted me to tell me she wanted to gloss my hair for free. i cleaned my living room and did all of my dishes. i also made egg salad - with hummus and spicy mustard and egg whites. then i drank three cups of coffee and ate a pudding pop. i got new cute new city flats in the mail today. and a twenty percent off coupon at ulta. i went to kinetic (small group) and connected - sometimes i really don't want to go bc i'm anti-social or too busy, but it's a small step to take compared to all that has been afforded to me through my beliefs. i remembered how much i love florence + the machine.

also, today someone told me they thought i was much happier at my new job despite the financial ramifications on my life. then, as we discussed jobs and work/life balance, we threw around some potential career paths for myself. [note: i love my current job and do not plan on leaving it anytime soon and cannot wait to see where my career goes within the company.] so anyway, she thinks i should be a blogger. really? can you make money doing that? yes. yes you can, but i don't think i would be able to wrangle any benefits out of the deal. (this is the part that requires me to have a husband who has a good, solid job...) also, i would blog from my macbook pro in coffee shops. best.job.ever. sign me up.

one last topic... why do they say 70% chance of rain instead of 30% chance of sunshine? this was a real conversation topic at work the other day. think about it.

ummm. that might be all. and by all, i mean, oh boy! what a day! i'm so glad i got to experience it.

good night & good luck. xo.

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