Wednesday, March 09, 2011

my last post was my 1000th post. it was sort of anticlimactic don't you think?

so on to the next one...

monday my macbook pro was in china. yesterday it was in memphis. today...?

i hope it's in my hands!

last night i worked 7pm-3am. whoa. i'm not sure visuals is my jam, but i did learn a lot. i sort of just followed matt around and tried to act helpful. lucky for me, he seems to have infinite patience. unlucky for him, i ask a lot of questions and lose my pep around one in the morning.

i had six shots of espresso and an iced pour over coffee yesterday. too much?

yesterday, someone said i didn't seem excited about life - i guess i don't have too much going on right now. which is NOT TRUE because i have SO much going on right now. i guess i better get excited.

oh alright. time for work. EXCITED FACE. ps. ipad two on friday! asldkfakdfj!

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Spudart said...

blog post #1000! here's what 1000 pennies looks like