Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tomorrow (tuesday) i have the day off and since i'm too lazy to get out of bed to make my to-do list, i've decided to post it here, so i can look at it in the morning...

sleep in

buy new ray lamontagne cd
make iced coffee
write to rachel
write to hanneke
call nathan lowe
message kayla
clean off desk (again)
finish development plan
find change purse
change cohen's water
make wednesday's lunch
watch an episode of LOST

that seems like enough, yes? i'm sure i'm forgetting something.

also, go out on the boat.


tonight, my friend mandy took me to dinner since i was born 25 years ago and when we got our cookies she said tell me what my fortune is about (ie. what it relates to in her life) and i'll tell you what yours is about. she told me that mine was about my neighbor. my cookie said,

be patient and it will happen.

so tonight, he asks me if i want to go out on the boat with him & his dad tomorrow. i'm all sorts of confused... as to why he asked. as to why i said yes. as to why i'm hanging out with his dad. as to what i will wear since my bathing suit has ties on the side.

anyway, that fortune cookie was magic.

and for the record, i miss rachel. and i miss columbia.

but i do like this flickr set :: PERSONA


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