Monday, August 09, 2010

so, the past few days have been pretty excellent.

friday, i went running barefoot in the rain with lollipop. the neighbors probably think i'm nutso, but we had fun. well, i had fun. she was definitely opposed to the idea at first and then happy to be back inside. she passed out in my room and watched her while she had little puppy dreams. she makes little yip noises. it's adorable.

saturday, i had coffee with a friend and then helped bake my birthday cake and had a glorious party with lots of friends & food. there aren't enough good words for me to write here.

sunday, i officially turned 25! woohoo! so far, i'm loving it. i went to church & had lunch with the fam, watched LOST, went to Sbux with Rebecca and helped baked cupcakes. and by help, i mean i liked the beaters and went to the store to buy butter. other than that, i was pretty lazy. (also, completely exhausted from saturday - dang, i'm getting OLD!)

oh, i watched Remember Me - i got it with my netflix. it was... good and... not good. it made me think a lot about life and how we live it (or how we don't). but the end. yeah, thanks for that.... hmph.

this morning, i got up and went to the gym with mj - we needed it! and then i made coconut curry tempeh and broccoli to take for dinner tonight. brewed coffee & drank it with dark chocolate creamer while watching an episode of LOST. i'm in love with sawyer & kate right now. them together even though they're not together. this episode made me cry. (season two, episode eight) it's the very first one to make me do so. go figure.

now, i'm gearing up for work. my last night with my favorite associate before she heads back to gamecock country. wah. wah. wah.

ps. i got my anthropologie comforter! so excited! and lots of other fun & delicious goodies - including five bags of coffee... my friends know me so well!

listening to sigur ros.

i am very lucky.


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