Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mj and I went to the gym at 6 this morning. We figured if my mom, Roy and the neighbor can all get up that early to work out, then we could do it, too. So, there we were at the gym with A LOT of people - more people than when we went at 8 yesterday. Not what I was expecting. Makes sense though.

We did the stair stepper. I love the stair stepper. My bum has missed the stair stepper. Oy.

We're going to do it for a week and see how it goes. How many days does it take to form a habit?

Also, I ran into my neighbor after gymin' it, when I was walking the dog... (Note to Self: look cuter when you go to the gym. And be more sociable first thing in the morning.)

Now, I am getting ready for work... checking facebook, drinking coffee, streaming the new Ray Lamontagne album. Not a bad way to start the day if you ask me. I hope it's lovely for you all. xo.

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