Monday, July 05, 2010

i don't know everything about what i want out of life, but i do know a little bit of what i'd like to see unfold. i need a plan of action. one day at a time. go go gadget thinking cap.

i cut up my pink sparkly vickie's card.

and i have awesome friends. it's true.

me: i dunno who i was talking to, but the night matt broke up with me was... 1. awful but 2. awesome bc you and tony and bob and kt rushed to my rescue with beer and cigarettes and i got to get drunk and write a bill 
Rachel:  hahahahahahaha
me:  i'm just saying.
Rachel:  you're loved. a lot.

being in columbia over the last 24 hours renewed my spirit and made me remember what life is really all about.

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Charles Robinson said...

Well dust off your thinking caps
Solar powered plastic plants
Pretty pictures of things we ate
We are only what we hate
But in the long run we have found
Silent films are full of sound
Inaudibly free