Wednesday, July 14, 2010

or wherever flip flops are possible. i hate being financially responsible, but i love my salary. it'd be awesome to just up and move... like rachel did to nyc. but even moving back to columbia would require everything to line up just right so i would be able to keep my position. not to mention that i do love charleston and it's people. c'est la vie.

also, grey or gray? does it matter?

it does to me. i prefer grey. just so you know.


RachelAdelle said...

fingers crossed, giant prayers, voodoo magic, fairy dust.... ann marie and i are viewing a place on sunday. it would be a great relief if it was perfect... kthx.

RachelAdelle said...

also... salaries are overrated... but don't take my word for it (I've never had one) :)

but if you'd like to move somewhere in about a year, you let me know. I feel sure I'll have the travel bug again.


Catherine said...

Three years ago I was living with my man friend on IOP. One average Wednesday morning I received an email asking me if I would like to move to Los Angeles and run a political campaign. The job wasn't guaranteed for longer than two months. I only knew one person there. I was in a relationship.

I left that Sunday with a suitcase and a one way ticket and haven't looked back.

Just know that with a little bit of courage anything is possible (that and a good glass of wine).