Sunday, July 18, 2010

PTO. Day 2.

I'm actually only using two days of paid time off (pto) for this little five day adventure. The other three are just days off. It's nice to get paid to do what I want.

I'm really enjoying my time in Columbia. Every time I'm here I remember how much I love it. Maybe it's just the people and if they weren't here, then I wouldn't love it so much. Or maybe it's really the city... the coffee shops, the food, the scenery. I think it's the people. Yep.

Last night, after Blue Cactus, we hung out at the Espinosa Homestead. Joey made irish cream and Greg packed a bowl of blue mist and we all just hung out until three in the morning. It was lovely.

Until I realized I forgot my toothbrush. Who does that?

This morning I went to Strudel with Alison & Courtney. Hangover Hashbrowns. Chocolate Chip Coffee. And a sticky bun to go. Yum. Yum.

Now, Alison is looking at puppies online and Hugs is watching a movie on the pink couch while Bruce sleeps wherever it's convenient. It's a super cute home/family. I hope one day that I can get married and make a home this happy.

I'm busy googling whoopie pie recipes. We were going to bake a cake, but we decided to leave that to the professionals (i.e. Charles) while we venture into the category of mini minty things. We'll see how this goes.

PS. I did get my hair fixed. It's... not blonde. It's brown with caramel & reddish browns. I can't explain, but I'm pretty sure I like it. I don't have a picture or I'd show you. Wah.

Two days until DMB. One day until my Immac Mocha.

Also, I just realized that my blog has followers that aren't spammers. Hi, readers! Some of you I know and some of you I don't, but thanks for reading. It makes me really happy.



Anonymous said...

IMMAC mocha!!!! jealous!!!!!!!

Corinne said...

I am so looking forward to being in Columbia again! I'm going to be there for the fall semester, starting around Labor Day, since you probably don't know.
Speaking of mini-minty things, I have an awesome recipe I will send to you!

Anonymous said...

hey to you too :) i am a reader from Romania... i discovered your blog almost 2 years now and i liked it ever since. also your experiences helped me in overcoming some moments i don't want to remember so thank you too ;)
take care!