Saturday, July 04, 2009

i told you to be patient

no matter how many times i hear skinny love (bon iver) i LOVE it. really.

i don't love customers who don't like to leave the store after we've closed. i don't understand them. they make me agitated.

strawberried peanut butter m&m's are good in theory. the execution of the idea left me wanting waffle fries and a big bottle of water. i dunno if that makes sense at all.

i was reading searching for god knows what at the starbucks on garners ferry the other day and i started to cry when i got to the chapter about jesus. he was so good to people. why can't we all be like that? our motivation is so screwed up sometimes.

i noticed things i missed about columbia while i was there. people. places. the conversation i had and that i overheard. but mostly i think i miss the free time. and i missed charleston. weird.

also, mute math - stall out. very good. always.

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