Friday, July 10, 2009

california here we come

we've been on the run. driving in the sun. looking out for number one.

i often think it's best for me to not get too attached to people. they have a tendency to leave. i would like to leave next time. i want to be the one who ends something. who says goodbye. is that crazy? mean? selfish? maybe.

i want to go to california.

every time i watch the oc, this happens.

it never goes away. it just gets stronger. and right now it's on demand. oy.

i would like all of these seasons on dvd please and thank you.

Ryan: What kind of music do you listen to?
Marissa: Right now, punk.
Seth: Yeah, I am sorry, but Avril Lavigne doesn't count as punk.
Marissa: Oh yeah? Well, what about the Cramps? Stiff Little Fingers? The Clash? Sex Pistols?
Seth: I listen to the same music as Marissa Cooper? I think I have to kill myself.

california. californiaaaaaaaaa. here we come. oohhh.


Charles Robinson said...

Pink - Going to California

Neil Cannone said...

I randomly typed "it was good as good goes," into Google,for no particular reason. Just sitting here doing freelance design work after my day gig, pondering a recently failed relationship...and your blog popped up.

I don't even know who you are, but we evidently have similar tastes in music when feeling melancholy, because Phantom Planet and DMB are on my regular hit parade when im contemplative, among others.

Oh, and Southern California is hot right now (its 90+ here at 11:30pm and im sweating to death)...and its really crowded...and less exciting than you imagine...but im with you on the fight-or-flight thing...sometimes you just want to fly, as far away as you can for a while..just to know that you can.

Hope you feel better...whoever you are.