Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i thought i was a fool for no one

"When I was with him, the time and the place were such a muddled blur that I completely lost track of both." pg 217

Embarrassingly enough - that is how I feel when I'm reading this book (Twilight). I get so enthralled that nothing seems to exist except for me and it. It's ridiculous. I feel myself becoming flustered by the words and actions of the characters and then I realize that I have to catch my breath. I can't even remember the last time someone made me nervous or my heart skip a beat, but this book has been doing it all day.

I'm almost done with it. I'm on pg 363, but I'm making myself go to bed at one. I have to! Luckily, I still have three more books and the movie.


Rachel said...

hahahaha. that happened to me a lot too. i would get so excited, and try to read so fast because i wanted to know what has going to happen. and the words just wouldn't come fast enough. then it would blur because i'm not a speed reader.

ps. i can mail you the last three if you want them. cuz i don't need them anymore.

Tori P said...

Have you read the Shack?
It's different but there's some great stuff in it. That's the last book I read that did that to me.