Wednesday, March 18, 2009

everybody needs a riot of their own

i suppose a lot has been happening, but then again not really at all. i'm just working and going to the gym and hanging out with people. i suppose that's all life really is anyway. occasionally, i ask myself questions about life and the world. i'm planning my trip to nola mentally. and, hopefully, my trip to arizona, nevada and california for october.

i'm pretty much addicted to bananas and greek yogurt (preferably the honey flavored kind, but let's be honest, it's full of fat). and um. almonds. plain almonds, vanilla bean almonds, wasabi soy almonds. whatev. i like 'em. and next week i have to (said i would) do a detox - nothing but fruits, veggies, nuts and water for me. shouldn't be too hard. i'll miss my capps, but she (our hip hop cardio teacher) said we could have black coffee if we felt the need (and i usually feel the need).

we have new chai at work. it's pretty bangin'. guess i won't drink that though. ah nuts.

i did a spin class today. wowza. kick my ass, much? and one of the songs that played was powerman 5000. haha. it was crazy though. i've never left the gym quite so disgusting.

and i've decided i really like the gym. it gives me some sort of purpose and makes me healthy. so i can appreciate that. plus, it gives me time to hang out with friends who want to go too. and it gets out my aggression. which i do have from time to time.

ok. that's me for now.

living so free is a tragedy when you can't be what you want to be.


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to NYC?? just wondering??

Anonymous said...

oh.. that was me up there, btw.

<3 Rachel

alison said...

spin is my favorite!