Friday, March 07, 2014

I am experiencing serious California separation anxiety. And I miss Megan.

As you may (or may not) know, I spent some time in San Diego last week visiting one of my favorite people and attending the Storyline Conference.

Game changers.

The whole trip: the conference, the city, the friendship, the travel. And sharing it all with Nate.

I want to write about every day, speaker, event, and moment. I will. I hope. I feel like there is too much good stuff to share. (I'll have a day off on Sunday, so that's our best bet!)

What I will go ahead and share are the BIG things that stuck out to me -

1. Jesus didn't hold people accountable; he held them closely.

2. COMMUNITY. How can you over serve the people in your life?

3. Humans were designed to have deep, meaningful experiences. Those experiences are likely not linked to the American definition of success. But know that life is too short and too important to spend your time not being passionate. It is possible to create a new story.

I'll leave you with those nuggets for now.


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Tashi said...

Held them closely. LOVE.