Monday, February 10, 2014

I still haven't purchased coffee in February. Boom. This is what I call success.

Speaking of successes/failures, goals, intentions, resolutions... (Those are all words that get thrown around a lot during the beginning of a year, huh?) Recently, I've been pondering about all of those words and how to decide on them, set them or measure them. I thought maybe if I could list the things that are most important to me, then I would be able to figure out my goals, successes, intentions, resolutions...

Alright, things that are important to me (ie. the things that make my heart beat faster and my eyes grow wider) in no particular order...

1. Nate
2. Friends/Family
3. Community/Time with the above
4. Jesus
5. Coffee
6. Health

From there I came up with two BIG goals/intentions/resolutions/future successes:

1. Plan my AMAZING wedding to the most AMAZING man I know. (The biggest party I'll ever get to have with my friends & family - it shouldn't be stressful; it should be AMAZING.)

2. Share LIFE on this blog. (That's my life and the things that are most important to me. See above.)

So, that's how I did that. Now, I'm finishing my avocado english muffin dinner (you can eat that for dinner when you're an adult and your other half is at work until ten) and I'm going to watch an episode of Undercover Boss for a happy little cry before bed. (I mean, seriously, have you watched the show? You always cry.) And I'm gonna thank God for every opportunity I had today and then get some good rest.

(Thanks for the Monday Motivation from Pressed Juicery!)

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