Monday, February 03, 2014

I feel like once February hits, it is no longer a new year. You're already one month deep into the year. (PS. 236 days until I get MARRIED. How did that happen so quickly?!) Anyway, February is no longer the time for resolution making - it is time for action! It doesn't matter how small or large the action/habit/change might be - all that matters is consistency.

Me: This month I'm going to make coffee every day at home... Until we go to San Diego.
Nate: That's cheating. That's not the whole month.
Me: No. It's not. I'm saying I will make my own coffee every day at home until we go on February 26th. That's practically the whole month and I'm making the rules anyway.
Nate: Well, who is holding you accountable? What happens if you don't do it?
Me: Then I have to do it again in March and it's longer than February, so it's punishment.

This is going to stop me from wasting all the coffee I was given for gifts and save me those dolla dolla bills before we head out west! Also, I'm hoping it will create (2014 word alert!) a good morning habit for me. We shall see - definitely ask me how it's going when you see me...

I'm still reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. And I am currently in a music rut. Suggestions, please!


nat986 said...

Guest starring me!!!

Tashi said...

Music...Peter Peter, Mt. Wolf, Daughter, Death of Paris