Thursday, April 01, 2010

so, instead of doing laundry (because it is my least favorite of the chores), i have been puttering around the internet & reading blogs. and, whilst doing this, i have realized/pondered several things. i will share some of my musings with you...
  1. I am not as cool as everyone else - especially west coast people. They are awesome. I like the South though. That's only kind of true. I watched a Nicholas Sparks movie today - those make me love the lowcountry. It is pretty. It's just not cool.
  2. My blog is lame - I need someone to help me make it pretty & not be such a template (because that is exactly what it is...). Who is with me? Does it involve html? I get confused by that sometimes.
  3. Cocoa Roasted Almonds are delicious. (I didn't learn that on the internet. That's from personal, in the moment, experience.)
  4. I need a place to decorate & call my own. Design blogs are taking over my Google Reader. More people should use Google Reader. It.Is.Awesome.
  5. I love light. It certainly makes or breaks a photo. Never underestimate the power of a well lit object or room. Really. Don't.
  6. It is possible to mix nutella & vodka into ice cream. Hell yes.
  7. I love snarky, caffeine obsessed people. They are my people.
  8. This blog makes me laugh out loud. She's funny. And lives in LA. Maybe I should move to California. Is Orange County really like The OC? Are Balboa Bars real things? I just want the sunshine.
  9. It all started here tonight bc I'm obsessed with chandeliers. It's sort of unhealthy how excited I get around them.
  10. Trader Joe's is the best grocery store in the history of grocery stores. Everyone has one, but me. Life would be better with Trader Joe's. I am convinced of this.
  11. How many people read my blog? Who are they? Why doesn't everyone comment more? Do my readers want more pictures or more stories? Do I even have readers? Eff.
  12. I might have a problem with blogs... Don't most twenty somethings? Will I be allowed to blog in my thirties? What will life be like in my thirties? Why am I still awake?
  13. I ramble a lot.
"You will step out of your comfort zone a little bit and try new things and meet new people. All of it is no where near as scary as you thought it would be. Keep that in mind and continue to test your fears. They tend to hold more power over you than they should. However, you will continually freak out over the prospect of dating. You will struggle with 'putting yourself out there' and fret over missed opportunities. You will realize that boys are always going to cause you confusion."
that brings us to now. midnight. i was supposed to go to bed an hour ago because i have to be at the gym at 8am. which means i have to get up & take care of lollipop. and feed & clothe myself properly before heading out.


aren't interviews supposed to be like standardized tests? lots of rest. well balanced breakfast. you know the drill... minus the snack and no.2 pencils.

i can't wait to see amanda urowsky tomorrow. after my trainer kills me. after my interview. and i will treat myself with a sweet & salty brownie from BAKED. i need to budget better.

i love you & goodnight.


Charles Robinson said...

2. Customizing your blog does involve HTML, and I don't do that. Sorry. :-(

4. I use Netvibes. I never really liked Google Reader. Besides, Google has enough of my information already.

8. Balboa Bars are real. Be aware that Orange County is very, very conservative. You wouldn't know it from what you see on TV but it is.

10. You don't cook so why does it matter what grocery store you have accessible? I do just fine with Harris Teeter, thankyouverymuch. ;-)

11. You can use Google Analytics to find out more about your blog readers. I can help you set that up if you like.

12. What kind of problem are you talking about? And yes, you're allowed to blog when you're in your 30's. Yours is the only blog I read whose author is under 30. :-)

13. I'll follow anyway.

kelly said...

haha i love your blog. i don't even remember how or when i started reading it (probably through a link on some mutual friend's blog). but this is the first post i've seen in a whle that shows who you really are. i feel like i know you better now. though we really don't know each other at all. oh well! i think you're cool

Spudart said...

1. I am not as cool as everyone else too. But I like who I am.

3. What’s also good is chocolate covered pretzels. NUMMY.

4. Google Reader does rock. Lately it’s all I do while on the train (reading Reader on mai iPhone)

5. Light is incredible! Light manipulation is tops on my list of superpowers I want (blogged about that a couple years ago)

6. I’m gonna hafta try nutella & vodka in ice cream.

10. You don’t have a Trader Joe’s? Chicago has a bunch. Come to chicago! :)

11. I wead your bwog. :) Hiii!

13. Rambling is fun. Please ramble s’more! said...

i am constantly aware of how uncool i am when i read other people's blogs. it can be depressing. (but maybe they aren't as cool as they make themselves seem) Maybe?
and there is so much more to life.
i love reading about yours!
blog till death- thats my motto

kaitlyni said...

ill help you with your blog. i know how!