Wednesday, April 07, 2010

blogs take up a lot of my time. i mean, i have a lot of them to read! then they all make me think about different things & click on different links. it's time consuming. *phew*

but after blog time, there is (right now) donald miller time. which is better than the oc on dvd time (shocking, yes?) and waayyy better than folding laundry time. ihatelaundry. it's my least favorite chore.

i hope i meet a man who likes folding laundry. then i will know he is the one.

(god willing) (please)

"And later there will be laundry happening, which is nothing to daydream about. I can't deal with reality." - Donald Miller

i had a fantastic day with my little sister yesterday. spring break is for pedicures, shopping, the new miley cyrus movie, lunching at sesame, dog time, sprinkly donut holes. it's also a little bit for cleaning which is not as fun as everything else, but a necessary evil.

i think my boy neighbor doesn't like me. i want him to be my friend. just because i think he doesn't want to be. does that make me a creeper?


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