Monday, March 27, 2006

pictures of you still make me smile

It's crazy for me to pay $8.95/month for a blog which I shouldn't spend as much time typing in and changing as I do. So, here I am. My entire Typepad is gone. All gone. It's kinda sad. I just erased the last five months of my life. Everything I've done and felt disappeared with one click of my mouse - Yes, I understand the terms of cancellation. I just canceled my memories. I should really be more specific in a real journal. Oh well. My life needs to be simplified anyway.

I have to study now - Hotel Management Test and Accounting Exam 3 tomorrow. Boo. And an Access project - a program which is evidently not on my computer already. Boo.

P.S. Marty doesn't like going to the vet. But he is healthy. *phew*

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