Sunday, March 26, 2006

no amount of coffee. no amount of crying.

Sunday... This morning Jones made breakfast for us - omelets, french toast sticks and orange slices. A great way to begin the day.

I spent the rest of the day listening to The Weepies (thanks to Jones) and looking through almost one thousand photos (also thanks to Jones). It was a giant ploy to get myself to procrastinate. This means tomorrow will suck.

Today, I cried. And I wasn't expecting it at all. It was over something I didn't know I was thinking about and I didn't know it bothered me so much. It's also something I have no control over. Alison saw it. I think it worried her. But it's ok.

I like this picture. I do not, however, like pears. Go figure.

(You are the hope that keeps me trusting.)

I really enjoyed worship tonight. Music is a really important part of how I communicate - even to God and tonight the songs made it so easy. I even got to worship with the warmth of a blanket. Comfortable. That's how I felt. I liked it.

Tomorrow, little Marty goes to the vet. I'm scared they're going to tell me something is wrong with him. And I'm scared he's going to cry a bunch when they give him shots. This will not be a fun experience. Kind of like when he grabs me with his claws. Like he's doing now. Ow. Not cute.

For my musically and artistically inclined friends - You are part of the good in the world. Don't ever stop... "The only way to drive out bad culture is to create good culture. We need to recognize that artistic talent is a gift from the Lord - and that developing that talent is the only way to create good culture." C. S. Lewis

Going to bed. Living in a dream, walking in between sunset and sunrise.

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alison said...

out of all the people in my life you worry me the least. i have good reasons for this.