Friday, May 11, 2012

I've been MIA for a month, then I come back and blogger is totally different. Nbd. BIG DEAL. Meh.

I'm honestly not sure why I haven't been writing. Maybe I've had writer's block. Blogger's block.

The easiest way to play catch up is to tell you that life is so good and so "this is real life" all at the same time. For ever simple task, there is a difficult chore that follows alongside. For every great happiness, there is a tragedy. For every new love, there is a heartbreak. For every great win, there is a bigger loss. This means two things: perspective and limbo.

Perspective is what really bring beauty into our lives because how can we know how sweet it is without a little bitter? Limbo is just uncertainty of a new adventure - being unwilling to step foot because you're never sure what's going to follow or it's going to effect your status quo. I suppose limbo could also be described as fear or cautiousness. I think it's different for every person.

In other less thought provoking news, I'm on day five of "operation let's be vegan". WHY ARE YOU BEING VEGAN? YOU LOVE CHEESE! Ah. Good question! I'm glad that you asked. Honestly, I like to give myself little challenges, just to see if I can do them, even if they seem silly. I'm weird. I know. Also, I just want to know what it's like - how do vegans live? What are their struggles? How does veganism make my body feel? The best way to find answers to your questions besides asking is to just do. So, welcome to "operation let's be vegan". I miss bacon, cheese and Chickfila. But I like making creative food options for myself and trying new things. I like my energy level. And I like the questions it provokes from people - I'm always up for a good conversation!

Also, let's see, I've been to Columbia twice this week for work. Hi, traveling for work! You're fun! And that's good since I might be doing it more with a new career experience I will be beginning for my job! So, that means work is going well. That means work is challenging and engaging and I like where I am and what I do. I have great aspirations to move forward, but where I am is good for right now.

Driving to Columbia gave me time to catch up on my Joy the Baker Podcasts. Nerd Alert. I was a month behind in my episodes, much like I am with reading all of my blogs. Nerd Fail. A few episodes back, they asked us to blog our five favorite things right now and since I forfeited that opportunity then, I have decided to take it now. Here we go:

1. Coconut. In all it's various forms. I'm serious.
2. Norah Jones new album // Little Broken Hearts.
3. Days off spent at the beach with people I adore.
4. My iPhone - esp, Instagram, Clear, and Spotify.
5. SoCal. I think about going back all the time.

I thought I would have a longer list or that it would be easier with me to come up with, but no. Weird. Anyway, I feel like that's enough rambling for now. It's good to be back and hopefully I'll feel inspiration sooner rather than later next time.


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