Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm going on vacation soon.

Charlotte to see Dave Matthews Band with Tonya. Hattiesburg to visit Tom. New Orleans to see Tony and his lovely wife. Atlanta to stay with Amanda and her hubs and drink coffee at Octane.

I won't be alone, but I am going (mostly) alone.

And I think of all the times I've done things like this before and I'm excited to have the time away and to myself. And I'm sad because I think these times end when you get married and have kids and live in a house with a fence and responsibilities. And I'm annoyed because I think of all the things I need to do before I have house guests and all the things I need to pack up and move and clean and paint to move into a new home.

And most of all I'm nervous about having a breakdown so I'm praying for patience. It's not patience with others, even. It's patience with myself. To grow and be and move into these next stages of life. It's similar to mourning, but with much happier results.

I love what my life is and what it's becoming, but I also loved my life before. Do you know what I mean?

Has anyone seen Life Happens? Such a great movie about the way life, well, happens. I think it happens to be quite beautiful.

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