Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'm drinking coffee, burning a mahogany teakwood candle, and waiting for the Sears delivery truck.

Sears delivery?! Um yes. For my dad's birthday/Christmas (because he doesn't like us buying things for him at all), he is getting a new mattress! My brother and I decided that 27+ years was too long to have the same mattress, so on Black Friday I made sure to catch a good deal and pay for the delivery. It's a big day.

Also, buying things like mattresses as gifts for the people I love makes me feel like an adult. A mattress is a very adult thing to buy - don't you think?

You know what else is very adult? Budgeting and buying a new car. I'm learning how to do both of these things, too. I just got off the phone with the Toyota dealership - I'm going Friday to test drive a Prius C.

I am so adult right now. Wish me luck!

"Of course you save money on gas - a Prius runs on granola and hugs!" - J Cov


Charles Robinson said...

Very adult indeed, but poor Olivia. :-(

Nicole Saranzak said...

yay!! you're one of my favorite grown ups!

craigarcher said...

You have been and will always be an adult and will always be a kid. You are perfect.