Monday, May 16, 2011

my fave blog - the (never home)maker is back in action today! hooray! they've been on sabbatical for a few months. meh. does this make me a dork?

after the (joe's) wedding, i am getting my hair cut - a lot. and getting a tattoo. those are my goals for the summer. and to keep running. i think i'll like it.

tomorrow, i'm going to bake something. joy the baker's blog :: love & sugar :: inspired me to do so. (there is also a reciple for gluten free coconut waffles on their i'm interested in...) i'm also going to do laundry & for serious clean my bedroom. i slept on the couch two nights in a row because my clothes and mail have taken over my bed. this is unacceptable (after tonight). and if i'm lucky i'll walk the bridge before yoga, but let's not get carried away.

wednesday, i'm off again (tuesday is my first day off... two in a row - what a lucky girl i am!). i am going to pick up my bridesmaid's dress from the alterations place. and have a fro-yo date with meg. and go to zumba. and maybe sit in the middle of my (hopefully) clean bedroom.

oh. i got a plant. a chocolate mint plant. i promise i'm going to try really hard not to kill him.

this photo is courtesy of julian bialowas

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