Friday, November 19, 2010

so. life. whoa.

for each personal "tragedy" recently, i've been handed a huge dose of perspective. i am so blessed. i am healthy. my friends are healthy. my family is healthy. and most of us (myself included now) have insurance to cover the unexpected. i am so blessed. so very very blessed.

i've certainly been busy. work - duh, it's almost black friday. the gym - cycle kicked my butt this morning, yo. small group. gobble wobbling on thanksgiving. moving & unpacking. dave matthews band! keeping up with friends - old & new. it's a lot, but i think that now is the time to be busy and stay out late and be exhausted if i have to bc people are worth investing in.

and last night, i had my first home cooked meal in a really long time. my friend alex invited me over and he made turkey lasagna (that's right - i'm back on the poultry bandwagon) and salad with spinach, tomatoes, and blueberries. it was delicious. i think i had almost forgotten what it's like to eat real food at a table with someone else that's not in a restaurant.

i'm trying to focus on the positives right now. at the holidays, i have a tendency to stress out and be glass half empty... or glass half full of craziness... one or the other - they're both bad. this year, i'm going to try a new perspective.

i'm also trying to take time for myself. once a week, don't make plans. keep a night or morning to myself to do things around the apartment or read - which i haven't been doing, but need to. hopefully, i'll be able to do all this & make it through the holidays alive.

also, note to self: go see the new harry potter movie. get vacuum from mj. do laundry. get some mixing bowls.

so there you have it. life. whoa.

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James Riley said...

Like whoa , nitro. I've been on a classic music kick today for some reason.

November has been a crazy busy month!