Sunday, February 28, 2010

it was a good day off.

breakfast at lost dog cafe w. friends.
coffee. coffee. coffee.
i could spend my whole paycheck at whole foods.

joe's football team lost. sad.

i was so not productive.
i finally put my bed back together though.

and talked to courtney. she's getting married!

why is the o.c. so addictive?
why does hulu only have season one?
why do i suddenly crave a salt bagel?
why do i want to move to the beach?
why don't i look like mischa barton?
or rachel bilson for that matter?
why am i lame & at home on sat. night?

i like sunshine.
and seth cohen.
and days off.

i want seventy & sunny weather, please.

1 comment:

bjo said...

what on earth is a salt bagel?
i think of the beach either makes me very excited or makes me cry because i want it so bad.
i heard mischa gained like 50 pounds. i think it is a viscious rumor though.