Sunday, August 23, 2009

turns out not where but who you're with...

so my laptop is playing dead.

or it could actually be dead. i'm not sure.

mj and steve have been so kind to let me borrow one of theirs until i get my shit together. so thank you to them.

i saw post grad tonight with rachel. it was good. and cute. and kind of made me think about my life. and what i'm doing. and what i'm not doing. who i'm spending my time on. and who i'm wasting my time on.

and about my quirkiness. i'm weird, man. i hope someone finds it endearing one day.

all very interesting topics.

it's been a long weekend with some excellent highlights (dinner for charles's birthday) and some crappy stories, but i'm too tired for specifics.

i'm going to bed now. gotta get up super early for coffee.

... that really matters... we'll make the best of what's around.

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