Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i have no lid upon my head

i want this. soon please.


~Incredibly Handsome Man of Mystery said...

Strange coincidences.

At the EXACT same time you were posting this (Tues night....Wednesday morning if you're gonna be technical, which I'm not so we'll stick with "it was Tuesday night"), I was laying on a pink blanket remarkably similar to the one in this photo, in the park reading a book (I have a nifty booklight for just such occasions).

I didn't manage to get very far in the book though, because I couldn't stop thinking about how my pink blanket was made for two - there was a lot of empty space on it. Nothing screams loneliness like a blanket for two with just one person on it.

~An Incredibly handsome Someone you know (who along with being Incredibly Handsome, also likes to be mysterious....oooOOOOoooo....)

ps. "but if I did, you could look inside and see what's on my mind"

erin gail said...

that's just crazy!

... who is this??

Incredibly Handsome Man of Mystery said...

Well I'm glad we both think it was strange!

As for who I am....well, this is more fun. I'll see you soon though, I'm sure. You'll see me too. ;)

~Incredibly Handsome yadda yadda ya