Thursday, November 29, 2012

My tree is up! The holidays are in full swing! Please don't remind me that it's less than a month (and one paycheck) until Christmas. I will cry. Again. Because I've certainly cried a few times already in the last two weeks.

People often go around saying "when it rains, it pours" but you don't really understand what that means until it happens to you. Because WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS. And a lot of the raining and pouring is the anxiety that comes from all the other raining and pouring, but boy oh boy. It is tough.

The holidays are my very favorite time of year. They are full of surprises, gifts, crafting, baking, drinking(!) and cheer. And stress. Work stress. Dating stress. Family stress. Financial stress. My car is breaking stress. I need to get my teeth cleaned stress. I need to workout stress. What do I buy stress. How many days do I have to work in a row stress. Stop asking me questions stress. People are getting sick stress. How the eff do you expect me to craft that stress.

Because when it rains it pours.

So, what I'm trying to do is... Put less stress on myself. I mean HELLO it's coming from all over the place as it is - just give yourself a break! Am I right?

I am. I know I am.

So, it's a day off today where I'm running around - errands, appointments, crafting, baking, trying not to blame myself for the rest of the things sitting on my list. LET IT GO. Hmph.

I forgot to buy glitter today.

The good news is that it will all be over soon (which is sad because this is the time of year you're supposed to slow down and enjoy time with your loved ones). The good news is that you'll get it all taken care of (in due time). The good news is when you feel you're starting to slump there's always coffee.

Two pots a day is not too much.

The best news is that while you're crafting/gifting/baking you can make this Killer Granola from Shutterbean!

I mean, seriously, double the recipe. Triple it if you want to use it as a gift. Add Cinnamon. It's delicious. Pour soy milk and blueberries over it. Mix it with raspberry preserves and plain greek yogurt. It's amazing! 

And if the granola fails (which is won't) then do what I do and make a nice hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, grab a book (Currently reading: The Night Circus) and turn off your internet/mobile devices.

Happy Holidays, friends. You can do it!

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Craig Archer said...

You are truly an incredible person. The stress all comes from inside and the expectations you put on yourself and others. Letting go is hard and when it rains it pours, but if you take but a minute to put each event that stresses you into perspective it will give you solace because you will realize that there are really very few things that you should stress over. I love your baking tip.